Why Combining Copywriting, Content Marketing, and CRO is Essential

November 16, 2021

The business industry is full of cutthroat competition and getting an edge over your competitors is crucial for survival. Using the right marketing tools will make you stand out and grow your brand, ultimately translating to success and higher ROI.

Copywriting, content marketing, and conversion rate optimization are robust marketing tools that can help you generate leads, nurture them and grow your business. Nevertheless, you have to use them in the right way to reap the maximum benefit of the three C's.

This post focuses on how well-written copy and relevant content influence user experience and how this makes them major players in conversion rate optimization. Read on to learn how to integrate the three for business success.

What is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the act of writing text for publicity and advertising or other forms of marketing. Copywriters create content to increase brand awareness and persuade prospects to take a particular action.

Copywriters create the text, usually referred to as copy, found in websites, billboards, brochures, emails, catalogs, white papers, and other marketing communications. Good sales copy focuses on what's interesting about your products and services and tells it in a way that compels your target audience to take the desired action.

Why is writing good copy important?

Most small businesses and marketers mistakenly think that the goal of copywriting is to amp up their products. Copywriting is not about blowing up your products or services with exaggerations and unnecessary buzzwords.

The primary goal of sales copy is to concentrate on what's interesting about your products and services and tell it in a way that compels your audience to take the desired action. You should use copywriting to write appealing stories. At the same time, convincing prospects of the need for your product is essential to growing your brand and ultimately increasing revenue.

How to Write an Effective Copy

Generic ads, emails, and sales letters won't cut it in the business world. Every company is looking to attract the same target audience as you. It's beneficial to make your business stand out from the crowd. One of the essential tools to achieve this is effective copywriting.

Writing an excellent copy will improve your odds of generating quality leads that you can nurture and convert into paying customers. Here are # tips on how you can write a compelling copy:

Understand your product

The first step in writing an excellent copy is completely understanding the product or service you are offering.  Take some time to study whatever you're selling to learn which features will interest your audience the most. Why is your product unique? What benefits and features stand out to your customers?

Identify your target audience.

Identifying the market segment your business is targeting and understanding their needs is vital to writing a compelling copy. Writing a generic sales copy about your business is easy, but it won't deliver quality results. Don't focus too much on the product or services you are selling. Instead, focus on who you are selling it to.

Do customer research

You should do customer research to know what appeals to them the most. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who currently buys your product?
  • Who would you like to buy your product?
  • What does a typical customer look like?
  • What do customers love about your product?

Write a compelling call to action.

After your prospects have understood your product and how it will benefit them, the final task is to direct them to what to do next using a CTA. Make your CTA as simple as possible. If you've followed all the above tips, you should see a reasonable conversion rate. 

Content Marketing

Relevant content marketing will attract customers and give them a reason to do business with you. Today, consumers are digitally connected and want brands to speak to them directly. Using relevant content to answer customers' questions or solve their problems will make them think favorably of your business.

Creating relevant content will increase the likelihood of prospects of doing business with you. Relevant content marketing provides some value to your audience. It will generate more quality leads that ultimately improve your conversion rate.

Here's what you need to ask yourself to make content marketing relevant to your target audience:

  • Is the content related to the information my target audience is seeking?
  • Can prospects take action and get the results they want from the content?
  • Is my target audience able to know more about what they seek after reading or viewing the content at the start?

In short, the content you use should be helpful and valuable to the audience you're business is targeting.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of visitors on a website or app who take the desired action. The actions include:

  • filling  contact forms
  • guide downloads
  • email signups
  • making subscriptions
  • becoming customers
  • purchases made

Your content should include long-tail phrases or address visitors' queries using long-tail keywords. This will help you increase brand loyalty in the long term and thus increase the conversion rate. Use SEO to improve the conversion rate of your website.

Here are seven things you can do to boost conversion rates:

  1. Make the initial step easy
  2. Add a pop-up to your site
  3. Add testimonials, reviews, and logos
  4. Strengthen your CTA copy
  5. Add live chat to your site
  6. Offer a money-back guarantee
  7. Add a countdown timer

The Power of Integrating the Three C's

Copywriting, content marketing, and CRO work in tandem to build your brand.  Writing compelling copy, using relevant content will generate quality leads that you can nurture and convert. Ultimately, you will improve your website's conversion rate, thus increasing your share of customers in your business's market segment and boosting your business.

Excellent copy and relevant content does not only attract more readers and traffic, it can also increase conversions. The three C's play a significant role in improving online experiences. When you combine them, they become a powerful marketing machine.

The insight CRO provides can help you make content relevant to meet your target audience's needs better. It will help you determine precisely what your audience wants according to what they respond to.


Every business strives to grow and make a profit. Increasing the number of customers is the surest way to achieve this business goal. Writing better copy, using relevant content marketing, and improving your conversion rates are vital to selling more products or services and increasing your revenues.

Cannesis can help you in copywriting and content writing so that you can focus on other aspects of running your business. Contact us and our experts will create copy and content that will boost your conversions.

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