Top 8 Tips for Using Social Media Scheduling Apps

January 7, 2022

Most businesses start and end their marketing campaigns on social media platforms. But let's face it- executing a campaign can be a tiresome and time-consuming task. Add social media management on top, and the job becomes a 24/7 hustle. 

But if you invest in robust social media scheduling apps, the social media task will be halfway done. However, there are "dos and don'ts" that come with using these tools. Read on to uncover the tried and proven tips and get value for your hard-earned money and time:

1. Know Where Your Target Audience Hangs Out Frequently

Where is your audience located? Social media analytics tools like Twitter Analytics will help you pinpoint where you're getting high engagement from. 

After identifying the countries where most of your followers come from, it's time to understand their time zones. If you're in New York, then Los Angeles people are 3 hours behind you, and Aussies are 15 hours ahead. 

Reaching out to a global audience? Be sure to schedule your posts for every hour around the clock to maintain consistency. 

2. Bulk Schedule Your Content

Schedule numerous days' worth of content in a single sitting, and you'll never go back. For instance, you can schedule two to three weeks of posts in 1-2 hours. With bulk scheduling, you can relax knowing that you've taken care of the homework several weeks in advance.  

Being ahead of the posts creation game allows you enough room to deal with other things on your plate. Secondly, you can finally have the much-needed digital detox. Also, once your postings click into momentum, maintaining the scheduling becomes pain-free.

3. Optimize Your Schedule

It's worth noting that different audiences visit their online spaces at different hours. So be sure the posts land during the most effective hours. 

Visit your social media metrics to find out the time of the day when comments and views skyrocket. A relevant analytic resource or tool may come in handy here. A social media post flying during the thick of the night won't grab many eyeballs.

4. Have a Robust Content Calendar

We saw you asking, "How can I bulk-schedule my posts without content?" Fret not- a content calendar will come to your rescue. 

With a robust calendar, you can create pieces of content for each platform: Think topics to repurpose, new content ideas, caption ideas, images, and hashtags you've dug up from the internet. 

Be sure to update your calendar constantly. That way, you'll never run out of content to pull and bulk schedule. Also, you'll slash down bulk-scheduling time since you don't need to brainstorm on hashtags and topics you'll want to cover. Every piece is set to be scheduled out.

5. Find Your Content Creation Mode

Bulk scheduling, content calendars, and all that might overwhelm anyone. But with the correct content creation mode, you'll no longer have to struggle with your content creation homework. 

Find your happy place, your groove. Whatever floats your boat might be different from someone else's. For instance, working in a comfy coffee shop listening to soft music in your earbuds.

A few tips for a fulfilling content creation mode:

  • Take breaks: After an hour or so of immersive work, take a break and do something else- stroll, grab a snack, exercise, etc.
  • Take it slow: Avoid forcing yourself to begin or complete the content creation. You don't want to produce below-par content.
  • Work when you're most productive: What are those days and hours that usually find you with energy and motivation to tackle a mountain? Note them down and utilize them for content creation.

6. Maintain a Healthy Posting Frequency

Frequency is crucial. If you have a digital presence but haven't posted anything new in a while, your audience will think that your company is stagnating or defunct. Worse, it gives an impression of poor customer communication. Don't let these bad indicators mess up things. 

The type of social media platform will hugely determine your minimum posting frequencies. Usually, this correlates with the kind of content you can post on the channel in question.  For Facebook allows you to post blog-like, information-rich, and media-dense updates. It's recommendable to post at least 3 updates a week here. 

The posts tend to be concise texts for Twitter, so update the audience at least 5 times a week.

7. Track Your Analytics

Once posts start reading up, start tracking the analytics. Use the new insights and data to tweak your content, hashtags, and posting time.  That way, you can reproduce your success and get better results in the future. 

Major social media behemoths provide internal analytics tools, like Pinterest Analytics and Facebook Insights. But if you have many accounts on different platforms, you would need a single point of reference for your analytics. That's where tools like Hootsuite come in. 

8. Focus on Quality More Than Quantity

Having a social media scheduling app can easily tempt you to bombard everyone with anything that flies through your mind every time. But quality will always trump quantity hands-down.  

Whether you aim to build an online audience, feature the latest offering, or share news, be sure the posts are quality-rich and engaging. 

While scheduling helps you post regularly, remember to take care of "on-the-fly content," too. Followers love spontaneous and natural updates on an immediately relevant topic (think breaking news or commentary). Your followers will get a more personable feel and confirm that you're not another robot running just another social media page. 

While using scheduling apps, don't forget to respond to followers' comments and questions as soon as possible. That way, you'll cement your relationship with fans and followers.

Cannesis, Your One-stop Content Management Destination

You now have proven social media scheduling tips from the gurus. But as a business owner, your plate is already packed with other crucial things. You need to focus on these tips to grow your business but don't have the time. Why don't you leave the legwork to us? Contact us now, and let's start growing your clientele base!

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