Top 8 Steps for Developing Your Social Media Management Plan

November 13, 2021

It's no secret that digital marketing is vast and ever-evolving. Whether you are just getting started or have an already established business. You need to have a clear social media management plan for your business.

The way you market your business online can have an effect on your business. In fact, make a single wrong move, and your online marketing efforts will impact your business in a negative way.

Here are the fundamental and overall approaches to take when building a digital marketing strategy:

1.      Clarify your goals

What are you trying to achieve with your social media presence? Is it to increase website traffic? Are you trying to create awareness? These guidelines will act as a roadmap to how you will meet your goals, regardless of what services you offer in the market. 

Setting worthwhile social media goals is important. Also set measurable goals. Everything you post on social media platforms must have a goal intent. Throwing your content randomly on social media without any specific purpose will not bear fruit. For example, "I want to be DMed more" is your measurable goal. Receiving 30 instead of 20 means you have succeeded.

2.      Know your audience

Who and where is your ideal customer? Defining your audience is very important to your online marketing efforts.

There are a few things to consider when doing this; their age, sex, and location. For instance, a woman aged 18-30 is likely to focus their attention on Instagram. If you are trying to reach a male graduate, you'd better use Twitter. Your audience's choice determines which social media platform you spend most of your time on.

3.      Consider your resources

Social media marketing sounds like a simple task. But in reality it is not. Social media platforms have key differences between them. Twitter is for real-time updates, Instagram prioritizes videos and images. Facebook is multi-purpose.

For your management plan to work, you need a strategy that works across the board. Choosing certain resources will determine how you generate your leads. Choose a resource that you can alter, improve, reuse and repeat.

4.      Analyze your competition

Don't jump in headfirst, look at what online strategy your competitors are using. Conduct a social media competitive analysis. Know what platforms they are on. Check their social results against their competitors.

Study their weaknesses and strengths; use those results to come up with your own unique strategy that fills the holes they were not able to close.

This gives you an insight into your own business. Some of the insights you can get include; ideas for best times to post on social media, new ideas for better content, ideas on how to distinguish your plan and the form of communication to use (i.e. casual or formal).

5.      Determine time and frequency

Just like a puzzle, in order for it to be completed, you should put all the pieces in the right places. For social media, some of the most important pieces are when you post, what you post, and where you post it.

However, another important piece is how often you post. There is no optimal frequency for how many times to post in a day. One study will tell you ten times, the other four times.

According to Co Schedule's analysis, the optimal frequency for social media posts is as follows:

  • Facebook - 1 post per day
  • Twitter - 5 tweets per day
  • Pinterest - 11 pins per day
  • LinkedIn - 1 post per day
  • Instagram - 1 to 2 posts per day

The cold truth is, social media marketing takes a great deal of work to build up an actively engaged audience.

6.      Identify core topics

Social media moves fast. It makes sense since you need whatever is currently trending, package it and sell it. There are many ways to find trending topics. Here are three platforms that can make that happen. 

  • Twitter: Best place to look for trends as they are displayed on profile pages and home pages. You can check any topic to find how many views and clicks it is getting.
  • Keyhole: This tool lets you track hashtags across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It has a similarity with Google alerts. It enables you to create an alert for any topic and track it in real-time.
  • Buzzfeed: This app gained popularity through posting content on trending topics alone. Buzzfeed always has your back when you are looking for trending topics.

Social media trending topics help you customize your campaigns, as the research gets easier because the process is transparent.

7.      Engage your audience

Engagement is all social media marketing is about. Many people use social media on a regular basis. That's a huge opportunity to connect and grow your brand. Strategies geared towards increasing engagement on your social channels pay.

There are unique ways to get the ball rolling. They include hashtags, which will provide a structure to the way you post and create an interest for subscribers to follow your brand. Share your company's culture- this can be done by sharing a few images of your events.

Also, create images and graphics for certain content. This is because people tend to focus more on images over texts, so they make colorful and creative images. Don't forget to ask for client testimonials so that you can incorporate them into your social media plans and your website.

8.      Use analytics

Social media analytics  allows you to focus on your time, effort, and budget. Using analytics helps you improve results. Social media analytics involves a single social network- this is when you are looking to achieve results from a specific social media campaign.

All social media networks your business are active in this approach for long term goal-setting and assessment of the business presence. There are several social media analytic tools e.g. Google Analytics, Hootsuite Analytic, Bandwidth, TalkWalker and others. These analytics show how your results look when compared to those of your competitors, and then it is up to you to spot opportunities and improve.  

Let's grow your business

Building an excellent social media management strategy helps you bring people to your website to share information and create some form of loyalty. This plan can help convert your audience into possible sales. At Cannesis, we can help you grow your business to the next level through our tried and tested social media marketing technology. For more information, please contact us today.

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