Partner Program


Are you an influencer, content creator, or business with an audience? You could be earning great revenue by promoting Cannesis CBD oil to your audience.  

The Cannesis Partner Program is a great way to promote healthy living, promote your business and earn income from sharing with others!

So how does it work? How much can you make? How do you get started? Just like CBD, this will vary from person to person but we've got your answers all right here!

How does it work?

The Cannesis Partner Program is a collection of tools to help you promote your business or organization and earn money while doing it - quite the opposite of traditional advertising.

Our partners get:

  • A unique promo code for our line of CBD oil. Coupons are how we attribute sales to you. You can promote the savings to your audience and will earn from every bottle sold.
  • Access to giveaways. We will provide products for you to be able to giveaway for free to your audience. Giveaways can be done occasionally or as frequently as you'd like, dependent on the size of your audience.

Generally our partners are video content creators and will create a video highlighting Cannesis in some way. Then they share the coupon code with their audience, adding links in the description of the video, and close off by offering a contest to win a free bottle of CBD oil (supplied by Cannesis)  - to qualify for a giveaway, audience members must share content you create with their network.

As you can imagine, this can, depending on the audience, have viral effects that earn our partners quite a bit of extra revenue.


How much can I make?

How much you make is completely dependent on your audience. Not all audiences perform the same. For instance, if you have 100 people in your audience, you will likely not earn as much as someone with 100,000 people in theirs. With that said, here is a chart showing how much you could earn in different scenarios. 

Discount per bottle (with your code) $20
Earnings per bottle sold (with your code) $35
Earnings per 10 bottles sold $350
Earnings per 25 bottles sold
Earnings per 50 bottles sold
Earnings per 100 bottles sold
Earnings per 250 bottles sold
Earnings per 500 bottles sold


How do I get started?

If you're interested in becoming a Cannesis Partner, fill out the form below and we'll reach out to setup your account with us.