who we are

Hey! We're Luis and Brandon.
We started Cannesis in 2020 and began our mission to create easy-to-use tools and a suite of "hands-off" services to enable entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, startups and local businesses to acquire new business and nurture their existing customers.

When we first partnered up, we were running a retail business together using Shopify for our e-commerce products. Back then, we relied on word-of-mouth marketing to sell our products. When COVID-19 hit the United States in the spring of 2020, we knew we needed to adapt quickly.

We pivoted from retail to software and built a couple of Shopify apps since we were already familiar with the ecosystem. In the fall of 2020, two of our apps were acquired and we decided to take what we learned promoting them and build software to make it easier in the future.

The tricky part came when we realized how difficult it is to get B2B SaaS customers for the software we built. Without the Shopify app store to generate signups or existing customers to spread the word, it was a lot tougher to acquire new customers.

While trying to figure out how we could promote our new product online, we became overwhelmed with the wealth of information on the internet paired with little direction and our own lack of time and experience. There were too many solutions that did 60-70% of what we needed, but none that we could afford.

So we built our own software - again - this time with an elaborate strategy to go along with it.

Fast-forward to the present and, along with our own internal tools, we use our publicly available software platforms, Sendlio and Storm, to acquire new customers every day - even while we sleep!

Our sales process is streamlined, outbound outreach partially automated, we are active on social media and publish regular content to our blogs.

It works so well for us that we can now offer the entire package to you. We can provide the benefits of SEO, an outbound sales team, and a graphics and marketing department all as a service that requires little to no action on your part - it can be completely "hands-off" if you want it to be.

Don't need the full "hands-off" service? You can use our software on your own and have access to enterprise marketing features at a super affordable price.

Drop us a line - we'd love to hear about your business and how we can help you acquire more customers every day!
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