How to Run Successful Customer Experience Survey

December 16, 2021

With the New Year approaching, now is the perfect time to reflect on your marketing strategies and sales funnels. What better way to do this than to get your customers' input by asking them how you're doing? The best, most accurate way to gauge customer satisfaction, loyalty, and interest is by asking them directly through a customer experience survey.

With the increased digital trends today, you can conduct surveys within a few minutes or hours, depending on your business needs. 

Most of your customers are online, with at least 93% reading reviews before buying products online. This means that you should conduct a customer survey to know the minds of your customers and offer satisfactory service that will guarantee you good reviews. 

What Is A Customer Experience Survey? 

A customer experience survey is the practice of gauging how your customers feel about your products or services. The survey captures customers' emotions about your overall business operations. 

There are different types of customer experience surveys, and that is why it is best to identify what works for your customers and team before you begin the survey. Segment your customers based on customer analytics, insights, or past customer experiences to run successful surveys. 

How to Conduct a Customer Experience Survey

Define Your Goals

The first step to conducting your survey is creating a clear outline to guide you throughout the process. It would be best to write down how to conduct the survey and what you plan to achieve. Below are factors to consider when setting goals for your survey. 
•    What type of survey do you want to conduct?
•    How are you going to get feedback?
•    Who is your target audience, and why?
•    What do you plan to achieve?
•    What information will you use in the survey?
Answering the above questions and many more can help you create an effective survey. You will use the guide to stay on track until you get what you want from the survey. 

Balance Your Answer Choices

You will meet different customers with different views of your products or services. But the best thing is to balance your answer choices to help you get authentic feedback from your customers. You can categorize the answer choices into "very helpful," "helpful," and "unhelpful" categories so that your customers choose what works best for them. 

Ask Direct and Relevant Questions

Twisting your survey questions can complicate the whole process. It is best to send out direct questions about your products or services that customers can quickly understand. This will help you get honest feedback from your target audience. 

Why Are Surveys Important For Business Success?

Improves Customer Retention

Surveys help you understand the minds of your customers. You can use the feedback generated to devise better ways to offer satisfactory services to your customers. A satisfied customer will always come back for more. 

Promotes Business Growth

When you offer satisfactory service to your customers, you will experience repeat purchases over time as customers keep coming back for more. This promotes the growth and expansion of your business in real-time. 

Builds Customer Trust

Customer surveys help you change your mode of operations to offer top-notch service to your customers. Once you begin offering what the customer wants, you can be sure of building trust and brand loyalty to your customers. 

Happy Customers Become Brand Ambassadors

When customers are happy with your brand, they will likely refer you to their close associates such as family, friends, colleagues, or neighbors. This is one of the less costly and most effective ways to generate more leads and sales

Improved Decision Making

Customer surveys give you feedback about your products or services. You can weigh and see what is working and what isn't working for your business through this feedback. You can then determine effective ways to offer satisfactory service to your customers. 

The Importance of Finding out What Customers Want

You Will Understand Customer's Behavior

Customers come from different backgrounds with different expectations. Finding out what your customer wants will help you offer customized services based on each customer's needs. This promotes customer satisfaction and business growth. 

Enables You to Categorize Your Customers

Once you know your customers, you can categorize them into different groups. Collecting information such as sex, income, purchase behavior, and location can help you offer customized services to each customer. 

Promotes Customer Engagement

Knowing your customer's behavior can help you devise better strategies to engage customers. You will know how long your customers spend on your social media channels and what they do on the platforms. This enables you to create effective social media strategies to engage your target audience. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Conducting a Customer Experience Survey

Failing to Define Your Goals

Surveys include various elements, and this is why you need to set clear goals before you begin your project. If you go ahead without defining your goals, it could lead to frustrations in the long run due to a lack of a clear direction. 

Including Very Few or Too Many Questions

A few questions will not give you the accurate feedback you want. Some customers may even skip some of the questions, leaving less information on the table. On the other hand, including too many questions could also be a deal-breaker, because customers are often impatient to answer endless questions. In this case, it is best to be moderate when creating your survey questions

Not Analyzing Customer Demographics 

You can never offer satisfactory service if you do not categorize your customers. This is why it is best to use demographics such as customer age, sex, income, location, and purchase behaviors when conducting surveys. If not, your surveys might not be successful.

Tips on How to Make Surveys More Effective

Choose a Suitable Survey Type

Choosing what works for your business and team is imperative. Think about your business needs and expectations, survey timelines, and other vital elements to enable you to choose the right survey type that will give you quality feedback. 

Analyze Your Survey Questions 

It is not every question that you will want your customers to answer. Choose the right questions that add value to your business. Take your time and discuss with your team the business needs and come up with effective questions for your survey. 

Ask for Feedback from Your Customers Regularly

The only way to know if your surveys are effective is by getting feedback from your customers. Most customers give honest and timely feedback depending on your relationship with them. You may want to offer incentives to increase participation and quality of feedback. 

Want to Run Successful Customer Experience Surveys? 

Many businesses want to conduct customer experience surveys several times a year but get limited due to time constraints and inadequate expertise in conducting surveys. If you're planning to conduct customer experience surveys, you can get help from a professional for the best outcome. Contact us today and let us walk the journey with you to help you get quality feedback from your customers. 

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