A Quick Guide on Choosing the Right Lead Generation Approach for You

November 13, 2021

Lead generation is vital for any business that wants to grow, as, without leads, any business is likely to fail.  By increasing leads, you can increase brand awareness and create a buzz for your products or services. It also translates to attracting and converting potential customers into repeat customers.

This article will outline nine tactics used to generate new business and what a particular lead generation approach is best suited for. First, let's have a quick look at lead generation and why it's crucial for your business.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation in marketing is the process of creating actionable consumer interest in your business's products or services.  It usually entails a customer expressing interest in your products or service through initiating a conversation with you or providing you with their contact information. 

Once you generate a lead, you can follow up regarding what you are offering and convert the prospect into a customer. When you do it the right way, lead generation can effectively optimize your efforts to grow sales and churn out a profit.

What are the Top Tactics for Lead Generation?

There are several lead generation tactics that you can use in your bid to generate quality leads for your business. Here are the top nine:

#1. SEO: Ranking in search engines generates leads

SEO is crucial for effective lead generation. Ensure that potential customers can easily find you when they do an online search for your products or services. You can generate many quality leads for your business by tapping into SEO for your website.

Do keyword research using tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner. This will help you find search data on the phrases that your target market searches for before buying your product or service. You can then optimize your page content using the right keywords.

An SEO company can help you generate consistent, actionable leads. This is a good investment if you are selling goods and services that are highly competitive, since ranking organically might not be easy. This approach is best suited for a target audience who research before committing their money to a product or service.

#2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a highly effective approach that is used to get leads for companies. There are various ways that you can leverage content marketing to generate leads. Some of the ways you can use content marketing include:

Blogging: Blogging is a very effective method of generating leads. It's also excellent for optimizing your website for search engines. Posting regular blogs makes it easier to attract your target audience, nurture them, and convert them to paying customers.

Content downloads: You can gain many leads by creating helpful content downloads and placing them throughout your website

Videos: Video is one potent lead generation tool that will also help you convert the leads you generate.

#3. Cold Email Outreach

Cold emailing your prospects by sending them a sales pitch is a powerful tool that effectively gets leads. Though cold email marketing has an ROI of 10,000%, it is often underutilized by marketers.

Personalizing the cold outreach emails will help you generate even more leads. Personalization improves click-through rates, and converts leads to paying customers.

#4. Email Marketing

Generating leads using email marketing entails using an opt-in form for your target audience. You should gather information on prospects, such as their name and email address (with their consent). It's also about nurturing leads to become your loyal customers.

Creating content, guest blogging, and promoting your brand online will attract prospects. You can then invite your leads to give you their email address by offering a promo code, free downloads, and other incentives to get signups and then convince them to do business with you. 

#5. Copywriting

Efficient copywriting can get you quality leads. You can create a copy in the form of a landing page, email, Facebook ad, or social media post. Keep in mind that you should write your copy with the aim of generating leads and converting them.

You should include a direct appeal to the prospect by mentioning and promoting your business's offers like price, premiums, and guarantee. These offer elements should be close to the front of your copy to generate the interest of leads.

#6. Company Branding

Branding can attract a huge audience and generate leads willing to give their contact details to receive more content. Brand awareness campaigns will let prospective customers know who you are and your products or services.

Your company's branding should attract attention to your company and generate leads that you can convert in the future. Keep in mind that the more people notice your brand, the more leads you're likely to generate.

#7. Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization involves identifying why leads are not performing a particular goal. Optimization involves working to increase the number of conversions after comprehensive analysis determines where the problem lies. Conversion optimization improves the quality of your leads.

After setting up a lead generation ad, you may notice that prospects are not using your link to visit your site. It would be best to create conversion ads to direct to your website for a free ebook, coupon, and free course and nurture them. 

#8. Business Automation

Business automation helps businesses and customers by using technology to do repetitive tasks. This enables your team to have more time to concentrate on more critical projects.

You can automate lead generation by directing prospects to fill out a form on your website to attend a webinar. All prospects that show their interest are automatically added to a new email list. Every lead in the list will then start receiving emails automatically in a conversion campaign.

#9. Sales

Sales are a great way to attract your target audience's interest in the products or services you provide. Sales aim to attract your target audience, and the more people you attract, the more leads you're likely to generate.  Although not all will make a purchase, you can get quality leads from the audience.

Wrap Up

A lead is any person who shows an interest in the products or services your business is providing. Choosing the right lead generation approach will help you turn interested prospects into loyal customers by guiding them through the sales funnel to the buying process.

Are you interested in getting more quality leads for your business? The experts at Cannesis can help you improve your lead generation and grow your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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