9 Simple Yet Effective Strategies for Brainstorming Blog Topics

January 4, 2022

Blogging brings in significant proceeds for businesses that know how to do it right.

According to recent Hubspot stats, businesses that blog get 55% more website visitors than businesses that don't, and marketers who prioritize blogging get 13 times more ROI than their non-blogging peers.

However, blogs require extensive preparation and work and many businesses struggle to find the right content or expertise to create good blogs.

If you're wondering how to create engaging and relevant blogs, this article contains 6 strategies to help your team brainstorm and come up with stellar blog post ideas.

1. Get your Blog Criteria Right

Before you gather your team and ask for ideas, lay down some groundwork to up your chances of developing a pool of great ideas.

For this to happen, you need to start with the right blog criteria. Here are the principles you need to follow for the best blogs:

  •     They need to be actionable. Come up with blog ideas that help the readers take an action or help them to solve a problem.
  •     They teach readers something.  Look for ideas that will be sources of knowledge with accompanying facts.
  •     They need to induce emotions. This means that the topic stirs an emotion or awakening for the reader and makes them care about what they're reading.

2. Determine your Blog Categories

Next, choose the blog categories you'd like to focus on. These categories need to be relevant to your audience and industry and tied to a timeline –say every quarter.

For example, your business could focus on four blog areas for one quarter of the year with 5 categories to pursue under each area.

This can be a rich platform for generating ideas that place you as a thought-leader in your space.

3. Find Out What You've  Covered in Your Categories

After deciding the categories you'll pursue, do a site search to see what you've already written about.

There's a high chance that you'll find blogs that did exceptionally well for your SEO and that you can improve on with new trends, data, or a new angle.

For example, you may have covered tons of topics on the use of AI in marketing but have never added an expert's voice to the topic. Interviewing a thought leader or several of them will add weight to the topic and help you turn the old blog into a rich insightful, and new blog post.

4. Encourage 'Individual  Brainstorming'

An article from Harvard Business Review suggests that having people together with each of them throwing out ideas may be the accepted way of brainstorming but eventually, people come up with 'few ideas and few good ideas'.

The best way to brainstorm is with techniques that encourage people to come up with ideas on their own first. For example, in the 6-3-5 technique, as the article details, you can have six people at a round table. Each person comes up with ideas, passes them on to the next person who builds upon them and they too pass the ideas over to the next person for more additions.

At the end of the day, everyone has given an idea and built upon another's ideas before everyone converges and evaluates the final cluster of ideas together.  

5. Borrow Ideas from the Competition

The competition can be a good source of trends you're yet to catch up on. The trick is not to copy or revamp what they say but do a better version and make it more useful for your audience.

Also, competitors don't have to be those closest to you but also up-and-coming start-ups in your field who've noticed something you haven't. Once you understand what they are talking about, you can come up with a more refined topic.

Additionally, pass the topic around your creative team to see what they can come up with.

6. Dig into the FAQs on Your Website

Your FAQ section can churn tons of blog post topics based on what your prospects want to know about.  By delving deeper into the topics addressed in your FAQs, you can provide helpful information to your audience while improving your rankings on Google –thanks to the focus keywords you utilize in your blogs.

7. Get Input from Customer Support

You can get more out of FAQs by asking your audience directly for ideas on topics that they would want to read about.

Your customer support team can wrap up follow-up emails or phone calls by asking customers what they'd like to know about.

Alternatively, ask for topics on your social media handles and look out for those that seem to concern more than one person. Provide an option to comment or send a message to those who'd like to stay anonymous.

8. Use Blog Headline Generating Tools

The advantage with blog headline generator tools is that you can write and play around with several keywords from your blog categories and these tools will generate scores of ideas for you.

You could also hit 'try again' and the tool will come up with different ideas. Although some will be familiar, you can get one or two good ones to focus on especially when you're short on time.

9. Write about Your Passions

This works best when you've been an expert in your industry for a while. Every conference, meeting, or seminar you attend is rife with ideas surrounding your passions that you can talk about in a relatable fashion.

Keep an open mind too as you work, read, hold meetings, or travel. Record the ideas that come to you from time to time and edit or add to them as you gain better insights.

Final Word

The common ingredient in each of these ideas is focusing on your customer needs.  Because these needs change as the world moves forward, you need to keep up with the new data and trends and tune your blogs to reflect what's important for each season.

While at it, strive to keep your standards high. It's one thing to post a series of good blogs but it's another thing to keep up with the quality.

Speaking of meeting your customers' needs, you need a marketing partner that understands your growth goals. At Cannesis, we focus on growing your business through marketing that enables you to get more customers. Contact us for a chance to see your business thrive.

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