6 Email Marketing Ideas That Will Serve You No Purpose in 2022

December 24, 2021

Is email marketing still effective? Facts show that it is. Data has shown that automated emails bring in 320% more revenue. 29% of marketers rank email marketing as the best marketing strategy (social media marketing came in 2nd with 25% of marketers proposing it).

Do you feel like you have put in more than enough effort in email marketing but are yet to reap the benefits? If yes, then the bottom fell out from the content of the email, not the email marketing strategy itself. The journey to finding what works requires passing through a path of learning what doesn't. Read on; we'll outline six outdated email marketing ideas to shed off in 2022.

1. You're Sending Inappropriate Numbers of Emails

Both extremes apply-you are either sending too many or too few emails. When you receive a myriad of emails from a single source, it is bound to get on your last nerve. Emails aren't meant to rain down on someone like a storm. Rather they should be a gentle drizzle that serves a specific purpose. Most expert marketers recommend that you send emails about twice weekly.

Out of sight, out of mind. When you don't interact with your subscribers enough, they will forget you. As far as brand awareness is concerned, this is really bad. Keep your clients in the know with just the right amount of emails.

2. Your Strategy isn't very Strategic

Your strategy may be wrong…or simply non-existent. Working without a strategy is akin to working blindfolded. You will keep moving round in circles. 

What does good email marketing entail? The most important elements are meticulous mastery of the right recipients, appropriate message, impressive format, and constant improvements.

A good marketer keeps up with data research, marketing metrics, and changing customer preferences.

3. Your Email Design is Wanting

An email design that sells needs to be nothing less than perfect. Each component of an email is unique and essential. Let's discuss each individually.

The Subject Line

The subject line is what first meets the reader's eyes. As such, it best be attractive. 

An award-worthy subject line maintains the balance between being concise enough to read in one sweep of an eye while being comprehensive enough to tell the recipient what they'll find in the email.

The subject line can be personalized! If you're an Android user, check out your emails from Samsung. You'll notice that their subject line begins with your name. There's something about being addressed directly by name that warms your heart. So powerful is this feature that it raises open rates upwards of 50%.

You can also use emojis. The not-so-secret of why emojis work so well is that they touch human emotions. However, go easy on them. Too many emojis can make your work look unprofessional.

The Pre-header

As the function of the pre-header is to give a summary of what's to come in the email, it should do just that. Nevertheless, this does not lock you out from displaying your creativity. We find that using very short sentences enables you to put out more content with fewer words. Alternatively, you can ask a rhetoric question that will be answered in your email.

The Email Body

This is the flesh of your email. Let the recipient know the email is from you. Incorporate your logo, hyperlink to your landing page, and use your brand's color.

Boring emails? No, not from you. Not when there are a plethora of ways to give your emails that elusive wow factor. Take background color and texture, for example. This simplistic feature not only enables you to display your brand color but also makes your email more aesthetically pleasing.  It is imperative that you choose a good and functional template.

4. Your email Template is not Mobile-friendly

Let's say you are expecting a welcome email from a company you've recently subscribed to. You will most likely open the email with your phone. Thus, you are among the 3 in 5 consumers who routinely open their emails on the phone. Now imagine you find an email that isn't supported by mobile. Our guess is you'll close it without a second thought.

The template used determines whether your emails are mobile-friendly. Going into 2022, work on making your emails mobile-friendly, responsive or hybrid. The litmus test? Preview your design both on mobile and desktop.

5. You are Giving Consumer Targeting a Cold Shoulder 

One error a lot of companies make is buying a list. Thereafter, you will find yourself sending many emails to people who aren't at all interested. 

Work on creating your list. Slowly but surely, you'll finally get there. You can further categorize within your list to ensure every recipient gets the content after their hearts.

With poor targeting, you will lack many tools and information used in personalizing content for each recipient. 

6. Consumers May Perceive You as Unscrupulous

Trust is the glue that will enable two strangers to do business without worry.

Spam emails- uninvited emails sent in large numbers from a single source. Many companies opt for this due to the false belief that the bulk of emails will triumph over content. So much so that 122.3 billion email spams are sent each day.

Spam emails derail progress. They sow the seed of distrust among consumers. Being unsolicited, senders of spam emails do not seek the recipient's permission before sending. Furthermore, these emails often carry content such as adult videos and computer viruses.

Give your recipient the benefit of choice. Adhere to GDPR guidelines on consent, new rights for individuals, and access requests to earn your customer's trust. 

To avoid the spam folder, you can make use of an informative footer that satisfactorily introduces your business and outlines the unsubscribe procedure.

When you hire an avant-garde email marketing team, you'll be one step closer to basking under its success. At Cannesis, marketing is our niche, and we know our stuff. Contact us today, and let's move your business forward together.

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