5 Reasons Your Social Media Management Strategy is Critical to Your Success

November 12, 2021

According to Forbes, about 70% of small businesses see an ROI from social media. Further, around 50% of small businesses have agreed that social media helps to increase sales. This is why having a social media presence is so important for businesses in general. Social media isn't just for big corporations and large media companies. It would be a mistake to ignore social media just because a business is small or they don't know the in and outs of building a presence online. 

Cannesis helps you to  acquire more  customers by using the power of social media. It's understandable that a new start-up, a brand new entrepreneur, or small local business is lost when it comes to using social media. That's fine, we're here to help and navigate you through the process. Below, we'll go over 10 reasons why social media management is crucial for your business. 

1.  Reaching your audience

Social media is the best way for a small business to reach a large audience. Small businesses that are brick and mortar are often limited in terms of audience if they don't use social media. For example, a small business selling clothes could expand their reach beyond their location by using social media. They could quickly find an audience for their brand that they wouldn't have found without social media.

2. E-commerce

The ability to sell a product or service to people all around the world is a game changer for small businesses. Social media platforms, like Instagram, have built in features for e-commerce. An effective social media management plan would utilize features like this to increase sales for a small business. In fact, about 67% of businesses accept online payments and about 50% have started accepting online payments since COVID-19 began. 

With so many people buying things online, it would be a mistake to ignore this as a small business. Sometimes, having a successful quarter can be a battle of margins. E-commerce through social media can help you bring in just enough sales to turn a bad year into a good one.

3. Branding and messaging

Around 77% of millennial shoppers use social media to shop and research brands. What this means is that a social media presence is becoming more and more vital for reaching out to consumers and getting their business. So what happens if a small business doesn't have a social media presence for their brand? They can't connect with potential consumers and their message never gets out.

While branding and messaging can be created off social media, branding tends to fall flat without social media to amplify it. It's like creating the best ad for your business but never showing it to anyone. It just doesn't make sense. Social media management can help get your brand and message out to your target audience.

4. Identifying trends

Social media platforms enable businesses to identify trends that could be beneficial for their brands. Trends tend to come out of nowhere and not being able to catch them at the right time could cost you sales and your target audience. Social media platforms have features that allow you to see topics that are trending in real time. Most of these features are very easy to read and even you could see what's trending on a platform like Instagram or Twitter.

A good social media management plan will have steps in place to take advantage of certain trends. So, instead of just seeing the trend and letting it pass you by, you can use it to boost your business. Being able to stay on top of trends is a key aspect of staying competitive.  

5. Staying competitive 

One of the biggest reasons that businesses fail is that they stop being competitive. Social media keeps a small business competitive by enabling a small business to engage in the activities listed above. E-commerce, branding, messaging, getting a target audience's attention, all of these things are amplified with social media platforms.

A good social media management strategy keeps you and your business competitive. It prevents you from falling behind everyone else and losing out on sales. So what happens when a business doesn't use social media to it's fullest? Let's look at how much of a disadvantage that a lack of social media presence has on a business.

A business without a social media presence

It's often been said that not having a social media presence today is like not having a phone line in the 1990s. Imagine if a small business in the 1990s didn't have a phone number so customers could call them? That business wouldn't be doing too good. The same can be said for a business without a social media presence. Here are some of the negative impacts of not using social media for your business-

  • People won't know about your business
  • People will think a lack of a social media presence means that your business isn't very good
  • You won't be able to gain insights from your target audience
  • Marketing costs will increase because traditional methods are more expensive than social media 

Those are just a few of the negative impacts that a lack of a social media presence can have on a small business. What this means for you is that getting your social media presence right is what's best for your business. This is why working with Cannesis is the right choice for managing your social media presence.

Getting your social medal right can seem like a monumental task. It doesn't have to be. A small business needs to focus all of it's efforts on actually running the business. This is why Cannesis offers an entire suite of services for helping small businesses grow in a "hands-off" approach. This is accomplished through sophisticated, automated services that take the pressure off you so you can focus on the core activities of your business that matter. 

If you're in a situation where your social media presence isn't quite there or need help with other areas of your business, click here to get started with Cannesis today!

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