3 Important Emails That Need Your Attention Before You Break for the Holidays

December 17, 2021

The holiday is even more festive when you know you have left everything in order at your business. The nudge of pending work is incessant and is bound to dampen your celebratory mood. No, you don't want to be hunched over your laptop when the family is decorating the Christmas tree. 

Also, spending hours on backed-up emails is increasingly becoming an unwanted after-holidays norm. Instead, we all want to begin the following year seamlessly from where we left off.  To do that, one crucial tenet you need to exhaust is your work emails. 

But emails are many, and it may be too big a task to go through them all before the season's jollies begin. Fortunately, the relevance of each email varies. This article highlights the three most important emails you need to prioritize.

1. Sales Emails

We write sales emails to help us close more deals. From their subject line, opening, main body, and CTA, we have perfected the art of writing sales emails that sell. Indeed, sales emails have proved that they remain a formidable marketing tool. Emails are at least three times more effective than social media, with their average purchase value being 17% more. Moreover, 35-40% of sales are given to businesses with the best lead response management.

How to Make Your Sales Emails Festive

To give sales emails a human touch, they need to change with the seasons. Therefore, as we approach the holidays, it is best that they reflect the holiday's charm with the following tips. 

  • When we think of Christmas, what comes to mind? Family, lights, snow, carols, and gifts, right? Gifts are one of the highlights of the season. Tell customers why your product is a great gift and who it would suit most. For instance, if you sell kitchenware, it is time to send emails on why they are an excellent gift for cooking enthusiasts, new homeowners, or our gen z siblings leaving the nest.
  • In addition, you can give great Christmas discounts or incentives like free shipping. This definitely spreads the cheer. Let your customers know by sending them promotional emails. One study showed that holiday promotions increase consumer spending. Not to worry, what you lose in promotions costs, you make up for in bulk of sales. 
  • Nothing says holiday like a bright and fun Christmassy email theme. Add some snowflakes, stars, emojis of Santa, a Christmas tree e.t.c. and you're good to go. 

How to Return Your Sales Emails Back to Normalcy

When the merry is all over, and it's time to go back to default, ease back slowly. Since New Year comes soon after, switch to New Year mode. New Year also has big sales to its name. Promote hope, new beginnings, and planning. 

Changing back after New Year does not necessarily have to be back to plain and simple. There are many themes you could take up. January is the month of new beginnings. Capitalize on that. February is the month of love and black history month. In March, we welcome spring and celebrate women's history month. Every month marks a special event you can use as a theme.

2. Welcome Emails For New Customers

You implemented efficacious lead generation tactics, and they bore fruits. Now you need to entice your new customers to stay. A welcome email goes a long way in making them feel appreciated and at home. 

Welcome emails have an impressive open rate of 50%. This translates to five times more open rates than regular email marketing. This success is achieved with well-written emails that give an honest introduction to your business, contain a promotion, and are beautifully designed.

The best time to send a welcome email is soon after a subscription. Show the client that you are there to lend a hand and be beneficial. Create engaging content that meets some of their many needs during this holiday season. Share tips on how families can spend time together, e.g., playing Christmas-themed games, skating, balling, or watching Christmas movies.

Choosing a gift that brings the wow factor isn't so easy. Give suggestions on what presents to get. Make a list of restaurants that have great family packages. These ideas make life a tad easier for your clients. Moreover, the customer engagement improves your brand image and customer satisfaction. 

Welcome emails after the holidays are not so different. Consistency is key. Keep the updates and great tips flowing. 

3. Thank You Emails After a Purchase

A habit of expressing gratitude goes a long way in strengthening your relationship with your clients. Thank you cards have served us so well for many years. However, the speed and ease of emails have grown on us. These emails also enable you to pass after-purchase tips such as how-to-use details and delivery information.

One perk of sending thank you emails is you get higher customer retention rates. 82% of customers stop doing business with a company that gave them an unpleasant customer experience. A thank you improves the after-sale experience. 

Why the fuss about customer retention? Bain & Company report that a 5% increase in customer retention can result in up to 75% increase in profits. A high customer defection rate will force you to dig five times deeper into your pocket to get a new customer as compared to retaining one who already exists.

Here's how to write a thank you email this holiday;

  • Personalize each email and address each customer by their name
  • Explain why you are grateful to them
  • Be sentimental, do not shy away from telling them what they mean to you
  • Finish by wishing them a great festive season

Thank you emails are all-season. Keep sending them even after the holidays. For those sent throughout the year, you may just keep them short and sweet by expressing your gratitude for purchasing a specific product. However, during the holidays, send one that will encompass all the clients' purchases and thank them for their loyalty. 

Though your business needs you, you do not have to handle all the work yourself. At Cannesis, we expertly manage your emails, allowing you to focus on other essential things. Feel free to talk to us, and we'll be more than willing to assist!

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